Friday, 18 November 2016

3 Top Selling Dahon Folding Bikes

Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike

Dahon Speed uno folding bicycle

When Dahon released the popular Mu Uno folding bike, they found the one-speed design fit the lifestyle of urban commuters. It was simple, ultralight, and even looked unique. Now Dahon ups the ante with the Speed Uno, a newer, simpler design that's even more reasonable and the overall weight is 24 pounds. The Speed Uno is one of Dahon's lightest bikes. It's also suggestive of the bikes you rode as a kid, with a rear coaster brake that requires you to pedal backward to stop.
Folding and unfolding of the Speed Uno has never been easier or more secure. Dahon's DoubleLok design means that every latch has a secondary lock for maximum safety, which also helps as a reminder to make sure the latch is properly secured before riding. Thanks to Dahon's crafty magnetic latching system, which holds the bike gracefully together when folded. The bike stays folded in one neat package while you carry it. This is particularly handy when you're carrying the Speed Uno upstairs, running to catch a bus, or lifting the bike into a car trunk.
And also with no brake cables or shifter cables, there is basically nothing to adjust or maintain. The Speed Uno is a great choice for a flat commute.

Amazon Price: $399.00

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

Dahon mariner d7 folding bike

Dahon Mariner D7 designed specifically for boaters. The Mariner D7 makes your in-shore adventures a lot more fun and useful. It stashes easily into even the tiniest of boat holds. But when you arrive at a port of call it unfolds in just few seconds to help you explore or shop for supplies. The Mariner is not rust proof. So it requires some proper maintenance to minimize corrosion. It’s fast and convenient and perfect for quick shops around town, the nearest café, or a leisurely ride in the park. The emphasis is on comfort and convenience. Dahon Urban Utility bikes fold fast and fold small and easy to carry anywhere and perfect if you live in an apartment or commute to work. It folds in just less than 15 seconds. So you can take it anywhere. It’s also very light enough to carry on public transport. 

It is perfect for carrying on a bus or train on your commute or storing in your apartment. Its equipped with a Dahon Neos rear derailleur that features crusty, fast shifting and a low profile and unique design that is protected from damage. It’s made by7005 aluminum frame with custom-drawn Sonus tubing and six patented technologies.

Amazon Price: $579.00

Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike, Obsidian

Dahon boardwalk folding bike

The Dahon Boardwalk looks sleek and is a fast-folding, urban usefulness bike with one speed--perfect for quick outings around town and commuting. Boasting classic looks and high-quality manufacture at a reasonable price-point, Dahon Boardwalk is one of the most popular bikes in the Dahon's line-up. The frame folds up in fewer than 15 seconds down to a perfectly small size with a Magnetix latch system to hold it securely together. With an adjustable stem and seat post, the Boardwalk can be also customized to fit riders from under five feet to over six feet tall.
Overall Boardwalk weighs 27.3 pounds and folds to 12.1 by 30.4 by 25.4 inches. Dahon Neos rear derailleur offers crisp, fast shifting and a low profile and unique design and perfect for anyone.

Amazon Price: $299.00

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